Post-harvest management

Post harvest management(Chilli)

1. Grading

Grading of Pepper (Capsicum spp.) is based on

  1. colour
  2. size
  3. stage of maturity
  • Pack the fruits separately according to grade before sending them to market
  • The losses due to grading at farmer level is 5-8%. If the grading is not good at farmer level another 4-5% loss in produce is possible.

2. Packing

  • Pepper (Capsicum spp.)  can be packed in various packing materials: polyethylene films, polyethylene bags or paper bags.

.3. Storage

  • Pepper (Capsicum spp.)  can be stored at a cool, dark, dry place for about a year.
  • As this commodity emits strong odour; it shall be stored in separate compartment as far as possible.
  • The storage temperature has a greater influence in colour retention than does light, air, kind of container or when the spice is stored in the whole or grind form .

4. Transportation

In general farmers use bullock carts or tractors for sending the produce to nearby market.

  • From market yards the produce is transported to distance places in ordinary trucks and lorries.
  • Perfect packing, care in loading and unloading and quick transport results in less spoilage of fruits

5. Processing:

   Pepper (Capsicum spp.) is either eaten as fresh or dried and processed into various products such as sauces, spice powders, chocolates, etc....