Land Preparation

Land Preparation of Watermelon

Watermelon does well on sandy loam soils which are well drained and slightly acid. Ideal pH is 6-7. When planted on very heavy soils, the plants develop slowly, and fruit size and quality are usually inferior.

1.1. Propagation

Watermelon is propagated by seeds, directly planted in the field or by transplants, instead of planting directly in the field and have 3 weeks of accumulated weeds germination and insect attacks to battle with, planting of seeds in seed trays or pots in a protected area for later transplant into the field when at least 2-4 true leaves have developed (4-6 weeks after sowing), is a very viable option. The seeding rate is 0.5 kg/ha.

3.2. Fertilisation

Watermelon has moderate nutrient requirements compared to other vegetable crops, and because of its deep rooting, it is efficient in extracting nutrients from the soil. In general, the fertilizer recommendation is 90:60:60 kg of N:P:K/ha. However, watermelon can be grown with little or no fertiliser after heavy fertilizer crops have been harvested.